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Leadership is the integrated sharing of vision, resources, and value to induce positive change.
Richard E. Winder, "Five Dimension Leadership," ASQ Quality Congress, May, 2000.


Articles pertaining to Leadership Development and the Five Dimensions of Quality

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The following articles are listed in chronological order:

The Five Dimensions of Quality Chart
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The Five Dimensions of Quality

Fulfilling Quality's Five Dimensions

Fulfilling Service Quality Through Quality's Five Dimensions

Strategic Quality Planning Through Quality's Five Dimensions

Total Quality Leadership
Shifting Paradigms for Quantum Leaps in Continuous Improvement

The Psychology of Quality

Reengineering Quality--Deming Style

Continuous Learning:  The Strategy of the Future

Sole Sourcing Modern Management Theory: Quality as the Source

Quality-Based Strategic Planning:
Strategic Capability Building

Linking Covey with Quality

Linking Deming, Covey, and Senge in an Integrated Five Dimension Quality Model

Integrating Organizational and Personal Development

Technology is More than Bits and Bytes

Finding the Invisible Hand:
From Invisible Hand to Hand-in-Hand

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